First of all it is YOURS.
We customize the content of the app for you, depending on what fish and water you like, or which fishermen you follow.

The NEWS FEED shows what’s going on around you in real-time.

With the information provided by the map incorporated DISCOVER and FORECAST windows you can select the best location and time for angling.

Do you want more followers on Fishinda? Share your catches on social networking sites and invite friends under the Search menu.

Fishinda is an excellent surface for ANGLING ASSOCIATIONS to jointly track their catches and to strengthen their togetherness.

OPERATORS OF FISHING WATERS can see the catches registered in their region. The app is a great opportunity to promote their waters and to inform their visitors about the novelties on the datasheet.

If you would like to contact us as an operator, please write to

Fishinda is the coolest platform for PROFESSIONAL FISHERMEN to report events immediately to their fans and sponsors. As an angling expert you can also invite your friends and followers on social networking sites to use the app.

EQUIPMENT AND BAIT MANUFACTURERS! Activate your brand ambassadors on Fishinda and show the world that your bait is the best choice! Contact us at


Great fun and discovery with FISHINDA for FREE!

Follow the catches of your fellow fishermen to see where and how they catch your favorite fish. Uncover new fishing waters on the map and even the catch probability! Show us how you do it and upload your booty to the app! It’s a fluke that you can retrieve your most glorious moments at any time with your Digital Log Book.

Develop your fishing skills with FISHINDA EXTRA!

You can simply subscribe to the extra features with any yellow icon within the application.

Discover a lot of public catch locations, and analyze your catch statistics, such as the success of fishing waters, fish species, bait and methods per month. Examine top lures and catch probability by water and fish species!



This is the homescreen that shows the greatest catches around you. You can set the perfect News Feed for yourself by following and liking the most fishing spots, fish species and anglers you are interested about. Your feed is never completely settled, as more and more fishermen and uploaded events are in the application that you can follow.


You can see the activities of your Fishinda community by clicking on the floating icon in the upper left corner of the News Feed. Follow the conversations you are part of, get informed about the catches you are interested at, and also about who like or comment on your post!


Under the posts uploaded to the News Feed, you will find the well-known social networking buttons. Don’t be lazy to use them as other anglers are counting on you – congratulate them or like their catches! Your glory is not limited to Fishinda, as you can share your catches even on Facebook with the right arrow next to the community buttons.


The second tab of the bottom menu shows the ever up-to-date and magical catch map. The turquoise map points display various fishing waters, clicking on which you can see the catches took place on the given water along with lots of exciting info, such as the bait top list and the largest fish caught on the spot. The yellow points on the map indicate the exact public catch positions. Private venues will never be shown. Under the pulsing icons you’ll find the most recent catches.

Exact catch positions and top baits are visible only to FISHINDA EXTRA members.


The third tab of the bottom menu contains your editable data sheet with all the important things to know, such as your own catches, followers, favorites,but you can also access other useful features here. In the Fishing Box you can collect the frequently used baits, and you can analyze your catches on your catch map and the statistics page. Under the top right gear icon you can change your profile information and read about business terms.

The button used for uploading your new catches is also accessible from the Profile page and the News Feed. It is expedient to record all your catches in Fishinda so you can see the most accurate aggregated data on which you can plan your next successful fishing.

Press the Upload button to capture NEW CATCH.

  1. Choose a photo!

The date and time will be automatically filled in based on your photo’s data, but you can change it if you wish so.

  1. Type any text under the picture about your experiences!
  2. Pick the species of the fish out of the list!

If you are unable to find it, or you are uncertain about the breed, then just choose Other Category. Please send us the name and image of the fish you think is not in our database yet to

  1. Provide the weight and length of the fish by moving the slider laterally!
  2. Set or check the exact location of your catch!
  3. Choose the applied fishing method, bait, and feeding material if possible.
  4. After setting visibility on, click on the UPLOAD button and your post will be displayed in the News Feed right away.

You can search for angling mates in the upper left corner. You can see which of your friends already use Fishinda, and you can also invite them via Facebook, sms or email so that you are all up-to-date with fishing topics.


The fourth tab of the bottom menu shows nearby waters based on GPS data, and you can also add new locations with the upper right [+] button. Weather data of the selected water and the 24-hour catch probability can be examined on the page. Probability per species is calculated on the basis of total catch data received by Fishinda.


Your catches are collected here in chronological order with the display of water codes.

At the creation of this application we not only had a mission about creating a platform for sharing fishing experiences, but we were also motivated to foster the notification of anglers with modern digital tools and to simplify the administration in the future.

In addition to online fishing ticket purchase, we also strive to the filling in of the catch log book on our mobiles soon. According to our vision, shortly the catches uploaded to the app will simultaneously appear in the digital log books, and can get automatically sent to the relevant organizations at the end of the year.

It is important to note that currently we do not disclose any information about our users’ data to fishing or other organizations or authorities, thus the Fishinda application does not replace mandatory documents. We encourage our users to redeem their annual state license along with annual regional tickets or current day tickets.