Fishinda Story

Linking our fishing experiences is a new level of adventure. Shared knowledge can result a more successful pastime.”


Who Are We?

Many of us are anglers, some are young, some are parents. What we all have in common is that we are passionate about waterside and nature. We work together on creating the best fishing application.

There is a lot of effort, work and of course fun in this objective. We work in several places accross the country full-time, part-time or as a hobby. We talk a lot to each other, and that’s what we want to preserve in the future.


Our Values

Fishing Is Better Together

We believe it is more fun to share fishing experiences with people who are also interested in it. With those who – just like us – have experienced failures and successes along the waterside, and who can smile on our tall tales just like we do on theirs. 

Respect Of Waters

It’s about preserving the balance of nature. We support the “catch and release” method, also we believe in the protection of fish species and in the sustainable management of waters.

Angling Wisely

We are also working hard, getting up early and not afraid of some stains either, but if there is a smart way to succeed, then we strive for it. This means that we put a lot of effort into the simplification of administration, aggregation of useful information and the share of interesting stuff in order that you can fish more wisely. 


Our Mission

That’s simple!
Fishinda connects the entire fishing community and raises one of the most popular forms of sport and recreation to a new level.


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Work With Us!

Our office is located in the capital, but our workstation can be any waterside, cafe, grocery store and the internet. Each day information floods us far and wide. If you feel affinity in helping, informing and entertaining thousands of anglers, come and apply to our team!