The stock availability regarding the products can be found on the product list by categories and on the page of the certain product as well.  All information that you can find there is based on the data provided by our commercial partners. The time of updates may vary.
The provided stock availability is for informational purposes only. 
Your order becomes successful only after receiving the confirmation e-mail stating the order.

The following statuses can occur regarding the availability of the products provided by the distributors:
•    In stock  – The product is currently in stock, more than 3 pieces are available. 
•    In stock, low availability  – Less than 3 pieces are available.
•    Available for order  – The products were previously available on the website, but currently are out of stock. After you place an order, we initiate to acquire the requested product(s) immediately, therefore the shipment will reach its destination later, please expect longer delivery time.
•    Pre order – Pre order indicates new products that are new on the market and have not been in stock yet at Fishinda. As soon as the product becomes available in our stock, the orders will be shipped to the customers in a chronological order of the purchases. For further information please contact info@emag.hu. 
•    Not available – The products are no longer available at Fishinda.